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How can I pay my bill?

There are a number of ways that you can pay your Orcon bill – choose one that best suits you: HASSLE-FREEDirect Debit Take the hassle out of paying

How do I transfer my account to another name?

If you want to transfer ownership of your account to another person, please contact us at The new account holder

What are Orcon’s bank account details?

Orcon Broadband & Phone Customers Payee : Orcon Limited Account:   02-0290-0395011-000 Bank: BNZ Bank Ltd. Please include your account

What will my final bill look like?

Your final bill will be generated on the billing date following the 30 day cancellation period. As per the Orcon Terms and Conditions, agreed to at sign-

How do I set up, update or change a credit card payment?

You can change your payment method for your account to credit card, or update your credit card details online. We accept Visa, Visa Debit Card, Mastercard,

What are my home calling rates?

For a full list of our standard calling rates, click here. To make sure you’re saving as much as possible we have a bunch of awesome calling deals

What can I do with My Orcon?

My Orcon is where you go to make any changes to your account or services. Here's what you can do: BILLING View Balance: View your current Orcon

Is there a charge for moving house?

If you're willing to take on a 12 month contract when you move then we'll cover the standard installation costs for the move. If you'd prefer

How can I view my bill and usage?

Viewing your bill Your bill is e-mailed to your preferred e-mail address every month. It includes a breakdown of your charges and a detailed PDF invoice.

How can I dispute my bill?

If you think your bill is incorrect, please contact us at and we will be able to look into your billing items for

Why can’t I use my internet or make calls?


I have forgotten my username and/or password

Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. Your username is the first part of your Orcon email address, or the email address

How do I log into My Orcon?

Click on the My Orcon button on our homepage and just enter your Orcon username and password. This page also has a handy forgotten password link if

What do the Orcon International Calling Packages include?

Orcon offers unlimited international landline calls, for up to 1 hour per call, to 17 of our most popular calling destinations. UK South Africa Australia

How do I change my Orcon account into someone else's name?

To change the name of the ownership of your Orcon account, you will need to download and fill in the form attached to this article. Once you've filled

How do I change my Orcon Broadband password?

It's easy to change the password for your Orcon account - first log into your My Orcon account here (opens in a new window). Once you've

How do I change my contact details or billing address?

The easiest way is to do this through My Orcon. You can update your phone numbers, email address, billing address and do much more! Click here to

Will I have to enter into a new contract if I change plans?

If you just want to change how much data you have, or add / remove a calling pack or other add-ons, your contract won't change.  If you're

How can I check my data usage?

You can check how much data you have used by logging into the My Orcon section of the website at any time, from anywhere with an Internet connection.

When do I get my invoice?

Our invoices are sent shortly after the end of each billing cycle (the 22nd of every month). This is typically around the 25th of the month, but may be a

Why is my first bill higher than I expected?

We charge each full billing cycle (i.e. the 23rd of each month to the 22nd of the following month) in advance, so we need to charge you from the date you

Can I get more data or upgrade my plan?

Absolutely! You can request a plan change through our super simple plan change tool by logging in with your Orcon account details here. This can handle

What happens when my contract expires?

When your contract expires that means the early termination fee for cancelling no longer applies, just the 30 day notice period applies. Your services

How do I buy calling bundles and mobile minutes packs?

To make sure you’re saving as much as possible we have a bunch of awesome calling deals you might like including unlimited national calling, mobile

What does my plan include?

My Orcon is the simplest way of finding out what plan you're on. Log in with your Orcon details by clicking here and scroll down to the "Your

How do I set up a direct debit?

It's easy! Just log into My OrconClick Payment Method on the right hand side of your screen underneath your account balance.Select Direct Debit

What do I do if I have UFB and I need to move house?

UFB connections have a contract which ties them directly to the address at which the connection has been made. This means you won't be able to move

What will my invoice look like?

Our billing cycles run on the 2nd, 12th or 22nd of the month. Invoices cover the coming month, so you're always paying in advance. For example, an

Can I keep my phone number if I move house?

When moving house, we'll always do our best to move your current phone number with you. The way phone numbers are moved when changing addresses means

Will there be a change in my services if I move house?

The services that we can offer at your new property depends on availability - sometimes the service that you're on at one property isn't available

What happens when I go over my data cap?

If you're on an unlimited data cap, then there is no limit to how much you can download and upload and we'll never charge you more. If you've

What will my bill look like if I change my plan?

If you’re simply upgrading your existing plan, e.g. changing your data cap or signing up for new add-ons, then the changes will just take effect

Restricted international calling destinations

Some international calling destinations are blocked by default in order to reduce the risk of phone hackers incurring significant charges on hacked

How can I change my payment method?

Your options for changing your payment method are detailed in your My Orcon account – Please log in by clicking here, and click Change

Do the VoIP calls over Orcon Genius count towards my data allowance?

The simple answer is No - Orcon Genius VoIP calls will not count towards your monthly data allowance.  

Will you slow my connection down?

Nope! We're all about providing fast, unthrottled broadband so we have no traffic management policy, even on our Unlimited plan. This means we won'

Calling within your local area

If you are calling a landline within your local calling area, please make sure you do not include the prefix - i.e. 09. If you do, in some cases, these

How are my phone calls billed?

Toll call charges are rounded up to the nearest minute. For example, if you spoke for 2 minutes and 29 seconds, you will be charged for 3 minutes. There

How do I set a data usage alert?

Data usage alerts are handy things that send you a text or email you when your usage exceeds the limit that you set. Even cooler, you can set two limits.

Do you count both uploaded and downloaded traffic towards my usage?

Yes - all traffic that flows over your connection counts toward your total usage. Please note: This includes wireless data, so may be best to check

How can I monitor my calling usage?

If you want to keep track of your calling usage, you can do so via My Orcon. There, you'll find summaries of your calling activity by type/country and