Signing up

ADSL and VDSL connections can take up to 10 working days to complete. If you select "ASAP" as your connection date when you sign up we'll
There is no hard and fast answer to this, since every situation is different. If your installation is standard and straight up, then you could be
Getting fibre is an easy, free upgrade that's a total no-brainer. Go here, pick Naked or Homeline, choose Unlimited or a Data Cap and
On your connection date, you can plug your Orcon modem in once you've received a text message or email telling you your connection is now active. If
When you join Orcon, a 12 month contract term applies. We're not being mean, this is just so we can cover the cost of nice things like a free
When you sign up with Orcon, you get an Orcon Genius phone line (read more about this here). If you need a traditional home phone line, for example if you
The companies in charge of conducting the UFB installations around the country divide installations into three types, depending on the type of property.
Once you place your order, we'll book an appointment for your connection date. On this date, your old provider's service will be disconnected, and
A full install for an ADSL or VDSL broadband connection is where a technician installs a brand new DSL jackpoint in your home for your broadband
All standard installations are free! In the rare event yours isn't, your local installer will provide a free, no obligation quote. You can decide
There may be additional charges involved if this is a brand new house which we will notify you about during the connection process. As long as the initial
Orcon offers a range of different broadband packages to suit different needs. Click here to see what we've got available right now and place an order
In a small percentage of cases ISPs sign up new customers or go to move an existing customer to a new address, only to find they can’t complete the
Orcon broadband is available almost everywhere. Click the links below then enter your address:   ADSL, VDSL or Fibre    
Our standard courier fee is $14.95 for sending out most modems. This just covers our costs for couriers and packaging. Please note: we don't charge
Ultra-Fast Broadband, or Fibre Broadband, is a new country-wide broadband network based on fibre optic cabling. It's faster, more reliable, and has
We sure do! Modem rental is free on all of our current broadband plans. Our Genius White modem is ready for anything you can throw at it; ADSL, VDSL and
Gigatown was a competition run by Chorus to determine which town in New Zealand would be the first to receive gigabit speed fibre broadband service via
Orcon Genius is designed for residential customers only at this stage.
The costs of a ‘standard’ residential installation will be covered by your Local Fibre Company (LFC).   Each LFC has a slightly
All standard installations are free! If your installation isn't considered standard and there is a cost involved, then we'll be sure to let you
We'll do our best to move your current number with you. If we can't, you'll have a whole range of numbers to choose from.  
If you're looking at getting broadband at home, this is a list of everything you'll need to get setup for good old ASDL2+ broadband. Broadband
So you’re interested in signing up? Awesome! We offer two ways to get connected. The first is via this website – click here to see our
Yes, there are certain services that Spark provide which you cannot use if you are an Orcon Tolls customer. These are: CustomerlinkDDI extensionDual
Orcon offers three flavours of broadband – ADSL2+, VDSL and UFB (Fibre), and we’ll be happy to supply you with the fastest one that’s
When getting fibre installed in a right of way (ROW) or multi-dwelling unit (MDU) situation, these are the steps involved: Consent - Your LFC will need to
Nope! We're all about providing fast, unthrottled broadband so we have no traffic management policy, even on our Unlimited plan. This means we won'
With fibre, your homeline goes over the internet. Just plug your standard home phone into your new modem and get calling!
Sometimes the best way to get the fibre to your house is underground. Just like laying electricity cables, or a gas line, this can require the installers
No, absolutely not! We will not charge you for anything you haven't agreed to. 
You will need a neighbour's consent if your installation is going to affect other properties, e.g. if you share a driveway or live in an apartment
There are loads of reasons! High upload speed: Orcon Fibre comes with an upload speed either 10 times or 50 times what you're used to (depending on
Wiring and maintenance insurance is optional, and costs $3/month.    
The permissions are all done for you. Signing up lets us know your place is good to go, and if applicable, the process of getting other property owners'
UFB is the future, and future proofing your home is important. Most clever alarm providers are on board! Sign up, then give your alarm provider a call.
The broadband package best suited to you depends on how you use your internet, phone and devices. Our plans apply to our standard copper broadband