Technical Support

What do the lights on my router mean?

The lights that indicate your connection status should as a rule be green or blue. If you see orange and/or red lights there could be a connection problem

What are the Orcon POP, IMAP, SMTP, and email server settings?

This page contains the details you'll need to know when setting up your email account on a device.   If you're not sure whether to use POP or

Broadband troubleshooting guide

If your broadband connection is slow, disconnecting or not working, this guide will take you through a number of steps designed to solve a wide range of

How do I change my wireless network password?

To change your Wi-Fi password, or if you want to find out what your current password is, click on your modem type below for instructions. Most modems have

How do I set up my (non-Genius) broadband?

Setting up your broadband may seem daunting, but with some instructions it’s actually pretty simple. There will be an instruction booklet included

How can I test the speed of my connection?

A speed test is the most accurate way to measure your broadband performance. It’s a good idea to use a PC that is connected to your modem with an

How do I setup email on my computer?

Check out the below instructions for the software that applies to you. For more details click the title of your email software to go directly to that

Wireless troubleshooting guide

If you’ve found your wireless network is on the blink, get it back in order by going through this troubleshooting guide. It’ll run you through

How do I get the best speeds from my Fibre connection?

To get the best speeds from your fibre here are a couple of rules you can follow: To get the BEST speed on fibre you should plug directly into the Orcon

Where can I download a manual for my modem?

Here are the downloadable guides for our Orcon modems. If your modem type isn't listed, we suggest trying a Google search for the modem model name to

What speeds can I expect and what affects speed?

It’s one of the most commonly asked questions we get. In the shortest terms, we’ll give you the fastest broadband service possible at your

How do I set up my wireless network?

This guide assumes you've already set up your broadband connection. If you want help with your initial broadband set up, click here Click on the

How can I troubleshoot my landline phone?

If you're an Orcon customer using a traditional home phone line, the steps included in this guide will be able to help if you're experiencing

How do I set up email on my smartphone or tablet?

Email on the go can be pretty handy, so to begin setting up, follow the instructions below for the type of tablet or smartphone you use. ANDROIDTo set up

How can I troubleshoot my Orcon Genius home phone line?

Sometimes a hiccup may occur when using an Orcon Genius home phone line, but these hiccups can usually be resolved by following a few simple

How do I factory reset my modem?

A factory reset restores all the settings and information in your modem back its original state. This is useful if you can't remember the login

How do I set up and use my Orcon voicemail?

To set up Orcon voicemail, dial 789 and follow the instructions. You need to know your voicemail PIN, which you selected during sign up. If you can't

Do I get an email address when I sign up to Orcon?

Orcon no longer offers free email mailboxes to new customers.  If you have an existing Orcon email mailbox this will remain free of charge as long as

How do I update the username and password in my modem?

PLEASE NOTE THESE INSTRUCTIONS DO NOT APPLY TO ORCON GENIUS CUSTOMERS If you have changed your Orcon password, conducted a factory reset of your modem or

What is the difference between POP and IMAP?

These two funny words refer to the way that your email client, whether that is on your home computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, talks to the server

What are your DNS server addresses?

Our DNS Servers are: Preferred DNS Server: Alternate DNS Server:  

How can I get the most out of my wireless network?

Wireless is awesome, but if it’s not working as well as you might like, it can be a bit frustrating. Read on to check out how you can roam the house

How do I set up my Orcon Genius modem?

There’s a great guide on how to install and set up your Orcon Genius modem in the set-up guide – you’ll find it in the box your modem

How do I change my wireless network channel?

If you're experiencing problems with your WiFi connection, the cause may be interference from other wireless devices. Manually setting your wireless

How do I change and update my email password?

Changing your password regularly is a good idea; it helps keep your emails and account information secure! Please note that changing your Orcon password

How do I stop my broadband disconnecting or resetting?

1. Confirming that your computer equipment is functioning properly is the first thing to check off the list. Check your modem lights to see if

What is Orcon Genius and how does it work?

Orcon Genius is a super smart home phone service that runs via your broadband modem over the internet. It's easy to use, future proofed, and

How and why should I do an isolation test?

If you've having problems with your broadband or phone connection, it's important to try an isolation test. Devices that you have plugged into

What do I do if I can't send or receive email?

If you're unable to send or receive email, you need to make sure that you have set up your email client (the program used to send and receive email)

Is there a fault in my area?

All network faults are published on our Network Status Update page. If you're having an issue with your broadband and no faults are reported, then

How do I set up my home phone?

ORCON @HOME PHONE LINEIf you’ve got a normal home phone line with Orcon @Home, then you can just plug your phone into a normal jackpoint. Make sure

I am having trouble logging in to webmail

If you are having trouble logging in to webmail using the log in box in the top right corner of our website you should try logging in directly through the

How do I get a ‘custom’ email address with my own domain name?

You will need to buy your own domain name and have a mailbox to point it at. Luckily we can sell you a domain name for as little as $36 per year, and our

How do I reboot my modem/router?

Resetting or rebooting your modem can help straighten out a whole range of problems your modem might be having. Be careful not to get the terms Factory

How can I maximize my broadband speed?

The quality of your broadband connection is affected by a number of factors both inside and outside your home. Follow these steps to make sure that

How do I access my iSERVE webmail?

If you were an iSERVE customer you are still able to access your iSERVE webmail at    

How can I extend the WiFi range of my modem?

If you're having trouble getting your WiFi signal to reach all the corners of the house, start by checking out this guide here. It runs you

What if I need a static IP?

Here you can find the answers to the most common questions about Static IPs. What is a Static IP? Do I have one? A Static IP is a fixed IP address that is

Dealing with Nuisance Calls

You can fill out a call investigation form here, or if you don't have a mail client installed click here. Serious or Threatening Calls: If you have

How do I set up call forwarding?

Important: all calls that are forwarded incur call charges in the same way as if you had made an outbound phonecall to the number being forwarded to. E.g.

How can I bulk delete emails in webmail?

If you have been spammed and would like to remove a large amount of emails the easiest way to do this is to create a new folder where you put everything

Where should I put my WiFi modem?

WiFi signals are affected by barriers such as walls, mirrors and appliances - so the more barriers in between you and your WiFi modem, the slower the

What is interleaving? Can I turn it on/off?

Interleaving is basically a way to arrange data to protect against burst errors, which happen rarely but can disrupt data transmission when they do occur.

How do I whitelist or blacklist senders and emails in my quarantine?

Whitelisting is useful when mail from a sender you do want to receive email from is being captured by the spam filter, Blacklisting is useful when

What do internet speeds mean?

Internet speeds describe the rate at which data, little packets of information, are transferred from one location to another. Download speeds represent

What is wiring and maintenance insurance?

For an additional $3 per month, wiring and maintenance insurance is an optional service feature available on all Orcon ADSL, VDSL and Fibre plans. It

Can I use my existing home phone with Genius? What about multiple handsets?

If you've already got a home phone that you'd like to keep using, then you're fine to just plug it in and you're away. You just plug your

Is my IP address Static or Dynamic?

All of our residential broadband connections are assigned with dynamic IP addresses by default. We do this so we can make efficient use of the IP

How do I re-name my wireless network?

Changing the name (SSID) of your wireless network is an important part of keeping your wireless network secure and usable. Having a recognizable name will

How do I access my voicemail from another phone?

Checking your Orcon voicemail from another phone such as a mobile or from overseas is easy, just follow these instructions: Dial 09 550 0789, or 0064 9 550

How do I use the Orcon spam filter?

The new Orcon CanIt is a spam filter that protects your email address from nasty viruses, dubious offers and other kinds of unsolicited mail. To access

What are my options for creating and managing emails in Orcon webmail?

Located to the top left of the main email pane of your Orcon webmail interface are various options used to create and manage emails within the folder you

What is the wireless range of my router? What can affect the range of my router?

The WiFi signal range of any given modem varies significantly from device to device. Factors that determine the range of WiFi your router can provide

Running the Diagnostic app

This application will currently work for Vista, Windows 7 SP1, Window 8 & Windows 10 providing the C++ Redistributable 2010 pack has been installed on

Why does my speed on UFB sometimes drop?

Your internet speed will vary on UFB, just as it did on ADSL. Sometimes it will rip along, other times it will go slower. This is the nature of the

How do I reset my modem password?

If you can't remember the password to enter your modem's interface, first try the default username and password "admin" in both fields.

How do I change my email client from POP3 to IMAP?

Microsoft Outlook 2010 1.       Start Outlook. 2.       On the File menu, click 

Can other VoIP products be used on Orcon Genius?

You can use all web-based VoIP service (like Skype, or gaming console VoIP services) as you would on any normal broadband line, but these will count

How do I change the strength of my spam filter?

Changing the strength of your spam filter will determine how strict or lenient it is in scanning for potential spam. If it's too strong, it might

How can I change how spam email is handled?

By default, the spam filter will block any email it detects as spam from reaching your inbox. It quarantines spam emails inside the filter before getting

What’s the difference between UFB and fibre?

Fibre refers to fibre optic technology – the way in which an internet connection is established, using light instead of electricity to carry signal.

How do I connect to my wireless network?

Connecting to your wireless network is easy! Find and select "Orcon-Wireless" from the list of available wireless networks on your device, and

Why can’t I use my other phone jacks with Orcon Genius?

Because your phone calls will go over the internet, all phones in your house need to be directed through the modem. This means any other jackpoint in the

Why has my email address been archived?

Not everyone uses their email addresses, and these dormant accounts are juicy targets for spammers and troublemakers. So if your account is

What are Call Waiting/Call Minder/Caller ID?

Call Waiting: When you are on the phone and someone else calls you will hear four short beeps on the line. You can then switch between the calls by

How do I register and use the Genius Handset?

These instructions only apply to customers that have Genius Full (modem+handset). Follow the instructions below if you want to register your new Genius

How and why should I do a ping test?

Doing ping tests is an important part of helping you (and us) to see where your connection might be having trouble. Knowing where it's slowing down is

How can I back up my email?

You never know when you might leave your laptop on the roof of your car, so it’s important to back up your stuff, especially the kind you couldn'

How do I make sure I am receiving important emails?

If you want to make sure you’re receiving all the important emails you’re being sent (especially ours) you can add certain email addresses to

Does using WiFi with my fibre connection affect my speeds?

While WiFi is super convenient, this convenience does have a trade-off. Wireless speeds are impacted by many factors including: DistanceWallsAppliances (

I've set up my broadband but it is not working, what do I do?

Good question, let’s see! First, make sure you've set up your modem correctly according to the modem's installation guide. We have some

How do I use call waiting?

Call Waiting allows you to answer a second call if you are already on the phone. Call Waiting works on all touch-tone phones. When you are on the phone

I have a VoIP-capable modem already. Can I use this on Orcon Genius?

Sorry no, you’ll need an Orcon Genius White or Orcon Genius Black modem in order for this service to work. If you don't currently have one, we

How do I navigate my folders within my Orcon webmail?

The main panel for navigating between your Inbox and other folders within Orcon webmail is located on the left hand side of the webmail interface. You can

How do I uncheck "Leave a copy of my mail on the server" from my email client?

If the option to Leave a copy of the message on the server is missing in Outlook, it may be due to the type of email account you use. Of the

How to reduce effects of interference from other wireless devices?

To minimize interference between your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, try the following: Change channels on your wireless network.Reset your Cordless Phone

What settings are available to customise in Orcon Webmail?

We recommend the default settings for users who are not familiar with webmail interfaces and recommend that you test and change back any settings changes

What happens while the modem is factory resetting?

During a factory reset the lights on your modem will flash and ALL settings will be cleared from your modem, including: Usernames and passwords, WiFi name

What’s my voicemail PIN?

You will have selected a voicemail PIN during the sign-up process. But, if you have forgotten it, no worries, log into My Orcon, select "

Top Tips - A quick overview of the useful stuff you can do online

Hi there! There’s lots of useful stuff you can do online – here’s a quick overview:   How to check your bill/usage: To check

Do I need an ADSL splitter with Orcon Genius?

No. Because the Genius modem should be the only device plugged into your phone line. Your phone plugs into the Orcon Genius modem (not the wall) so you

How easy is it to set up Orcon Genius?

We think Orcon Genius is as simple as it gets. Just follow the instructions that come with the modem. Plug the cables into the right places, flick the

How and why should I do a trace route?

A traceroute is a test that shows the path and time taken for your connection to connect to an internet address such as a website. If you are having

What does the Orcon helpdesk support?

The Orcon Helpdesk will do their best to help you get connected to the internet, and help you with any internet connection related problems. From time to

What are the possible charges I could incur when logging a fault?

If a fault technician is called out and finds that there is no fault on the line then you will be charged a No Fault Found fee of $130    If the

How do I use the Address Book feature in my Orcon webmail?

The Address Book tab is located in the top right corner of the Orcon webmail interface. From here you are able to create and manage contacts that you

How do I know when Orcon Genius is ready to use?

When you've signed up for your shiny new Orcon Genius service, you’ll get an email from us telling you the day your service will be activated.

Why do my deleted emails keep downloading to my mail client?

The main reason why your Orcon email address may keep downloading previously deleted emails to your mail client is that you are using POP3 with the option

How can I find a specific message in my Orcon webmail?

There are two ways that you can find certain messages in your inbox or other folders, which are the Filter and Search functions, located to the top right