What do the lights on my router mean?

The lights that indicate your connection status should as a rule be green or blue. If you see orange and/or red lights there could be a connection problem

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Broadband troubleshooting guide

If your broadband connection is slow, disconnecting or not working, this guide will take you through a number of steps designed to solve a wide range of

How do I set up my (non-Genius) broadband?

Setting up your broadband may seem daunting, but with some instructions it’s actually pretty simple. There will be an instruction booklet included

How do I get the best speeds from my Fibre connection?

To get the best speeds from your fibre here are a couple of rules you can follow: To get the BEST speed on fibre you should plug directly into the Orcon

How do I factory reset my modem?

A factory reset restores all the settings and information in your modem back its original state. This is useful if you can't remember the login

Network Status

To check the current status of the Orcon network, please visit our Network Status page here

How do I set up my Orcon Genius modem?

There’s a great guide on how to install and set up your Orcon Genius modem in the set-up guide – you’ll find it in the box your modem

How do I stop my broadband disconnecting or resetting?

1. Confirming that your computer equipment is functioning properly is the first thing to check off the list. Check your modem lights to see if

How and why should I do an isolation test?

If you've having problems with your broadband or phone connection, it's important to try an isolation test. Devices that you have plugged into

What is wiring and maintenance insurance?

For an additional $3 per month, wiring and maintenance insurance is an optional service feature available on all Orcon ADSL, VDSL and Fibre plans. It

How do I re-name my wireless network?

Changing the name (SSID) of your wireless network is an important part of keeping your wireless network secure and usable. Having a recognizable name will

Do you support IPv6?

We support Dynamic IPv6 on most access types. We currently only support Dynamic /56 prefix allocations.

Why does my speed on UFB sometimes drop?

Your internet speed will vary on UFB, just as it did on ADSL. Sometimes it will rip along, other times it will go slower. This is the nature of the

Why are prices going up in 2016?

There have been two major changes to the charges ISPs pay to suppliers recently. Orcon and the rest of the telco industry didn’t expect either price

What’s the difference between UFB and fibre?

Fibre refers to fibre optic technology – the way in which an internet connection is established, using light instead of electricity to carry signal.

How and why should I do a ping test?

Doing ping tests is an important part of helping you (and us) to see where your connection might be having trouble. Knowing where it's slowing down is

Does using WiFi with my fibre connection affect my speeds?

While WiFi is super convenient, this convenience does have a trade-off. Wireless speeds are impacted by many factors including: DistanceWallsAppliances (

I've set up my broadband but it is not working, what do I do?

Good question, let’s see! First, make sure you've set up your modem correctly according to the modem's installation guide. We have some

Do I need an ADSL splitter with Orcon Genius?

No. Because the Genius modem should be the only device plugged into your phone line. Your phone plugs into the Orcon Genius modem (not the wall) so you

How and why should I do a trace route?

A traceroute is a test that shows the path and time taken for your connection to connect to an internet address such as a website. If you are having

What are the possible charges I could incur when logging a fault?

If a fault technician is called out and finds that there is no fault on the line then you will be charged a No Fault Found fee of $130    If the

Do you use the DIA’s Digital Child Exploitation Filter

We don’t currently, no. We fully support the filter's intention, which is to prevent people accessing child exploitation material on the

Do you publish a security vulnerability disclosure policy?

We have a policy, based on the NZITF Disclosure Guidelines. We are committed to protecting our community and users. If you are a security expert or

Do you tell people how many requests for information for customer data you get from government agencies (including ‘Privacy Act 11E’ requests?)

Do you tell people how many requests for information for customer data you get from government agencies (including ‘Privacy Act 11E’ requests?

Do you tell customers if their data is breached?

We actively monitor breaches, and inform customers should their email or log in details be compromised. To date, we have only ever seen email