How do I get the best speeds from my Fibre connection?

To get the best speeds from your fibre here are a couple of rules you can follow:

  • To get the BEST speed on fibre you should plug directly into the Orcon Genius using an Ethernet cable.
  • WiFi is convenient, but if walls, appliances and distance get in the way it starts to slow down. Read more about placing your WiFi router
  • Use newer devices: If your modem is older, it may not have the WiFi technology or pure grunt needed to go fast.
  • Fibre is designed to go fast on many devices, but it still has a max speed - so be aware when you're doing heaps of intense downloading that all other devices with in your home will be impacted.
  • Use speedy services: in many cases, Fibre is much faster than some servers hosting content on the internet.- if you are downloading content from a server which is only capable of achieving 10Mbps, then the speed of your download will also suffer as a result.