How do I set up my (non-Genius) broadband?

Setting up your broadband may seem daunting, but with some instructions it’s actually pretty simple.

There will be an instruction booklet included with your modem that contains all the steps you need to follow. These general instructions will just help assist you in making sure you’ve checked off each step. Some modem install guides can be downloaded here.

Attention Genius customers! If you’re an Orcon Genius customer, then these instructions don’t apply to you – please consult your installation guide.

How to get connected:

  1. On your connection date we’ll send you an email and/or an SMS to let you know when the connection has been made. Once you’ve received this notification then you’re good to go.
  2. Before plugging in the modem, make sure your other devices such as phones, faxes, alarms, are all connected to ADSL filters. Without filters your internet may run very slowly, or not at all.
  3. Plug your modem in: plug the small white phone cable into the ‘ADSL’ port on the ADSL Line Filter, and then plug the other end into the modem. Plug your computer into the modem using the yellow (or blue) Ethernet cable. Then plug the power in and turn the modem on.
  4. Log into the modem: you’ll need to log into the modem in order to enter your username and password details so that your modem can connect to our systems. Instructions on how to do this vary greatly from modem-to-modem so once again, the modem’s manual is the best place to look. You will have selected your username and password when you signed up, but if you can’t remember them please call on 0800 13 14 15.
  5. Set up your wireless: you may need to set up your modem’s wireless network – see the manual for specific instructions. Remember it’s important to make sure your network has a secure password.

If you’ve followed these steps as per your specific modem and your internet still isn’t working, please contact us at and we can look into it for you.