What are the Orcon POP, IMAP, SMTP, and email server settings?

This page contains the details you'll need to know when setting up your email account on a device.   If you're not sure whether to use POP or

How do I setup email on my computer?

Check out the below instructions for the software that applies to you. For more details click the title of your email software to go directly to that

How do I set up email on my smartphone or tablet?

Email on the go can be pretty handy, so to begin setting up, follow the instructions below for the type of tablet or smartphone you use. ANDROIDTo set up

Do I get an email address when I sign up to Orcon?

Orcon no longer offers free email mailboxes to new customers.  If you have an existing Orcon email mailbox this will remain free of charge as long as

What is the difference between POP and IMAP?

These two funny words refer to the way that your email client, whether that is on your home computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, talks to the server

How do I change and update my email password?

Changing your password regularly is a good idea; it helps keep your emails and account information secure! Please note that changing your Orcon password

What do I do if I can't send or receive email?

If you're unable to send or receive email, you need to make sure that you have set up your email client (the program used to send and receive email)

I am having trouble logging in to webmail

If you are having trouble logging in to webmail using the log in box in the top right corner of our website you should try logging in directly through the

How do I get a ‘custom’ email address with my own domain name?

You will need to buy your own domain name and have a mailbox to point it at. Luckily we can sell you a domain name for as little as $36 per year, and our

How do I access my iSERVE webmail?

If you were an iSERVE customer you are still able to access your iSERVE webmail at    

How can I bulk delete emails in webmail?

If you have been spammed and would like to remove a large amount of emails the easiest way to do this is to create a new folder where you put everything

How do I whitelist or blacklist senders and emails in my quarantine?

Whitelisting is useful when mail from a sender you do want to receive email from is being captured by the spam filter, Blacklisting is useful when

How do I use the Orcon spam filter?

The new Orcon CanIt is a spam filter that protects your email address from nasty viruses, dubious offers and other kinds of unsolicited mail. To access

What are my options for creating and managing emails in Orcon webmail?

Located to the top left of the main email pane of your Orcon webmail interface are various options used to create and manage emails within the folder you

How do I change my email client from POP3 to IMAP?

Microsoft Outlook 2010 1.       Start Outlook. 2.       On the File menu, click 

How do I change the strength of my spam filter?

Changing the strength of your spam filter will determine how strict or lenient it is in scanning for potential spam. If it's too strong, it might

How can I change how spam email is handled?

By default, the spam filter will block any email it detects as spam from reaching your inbox. It quarantines spam emails inside the filter before getting

Why has my email address been archived?

Not everyone uses their email addresses, and these dormant accounts are juicy targets for spammers and troublemakers. So if your account is

How can I back up my email?

You never know when you might leave your laptop on the roof of your car, so it’s important to back up your stuff, especially the kind you couldn'

How do I make sure I am receiving important emails?

If you want to make sure you’re receiving all the important emails you’re being sent (especially ours) you can add certain email addresses to

How do I navigate my folders within my Orcon webmail?

The main panel for navigating between your Inbox and other folders within Orcon webmail is located on the left hand side of the webmail interface. You can

How do I uncheck "Leave a copy of my mail on the server" from my email client?

If the option to Leave a copy of the message on the server is missing in Outlook, it may be due to the type of email account you use. Of the

What settings are available to customise in Orcon Webmail?

We recommend the default settings for users who are not familiar with webmail interfaces and recommend that you test and change back any settings changes

How do I use the Address Book feature in my Orcon webmail?

The Address Book tab is located in the top right corner of the Orcon webmail interface. From here you are able to create and manage contacts that you

Why do my deleted emails keep downloading to my mail client?

The main reason why your Orcon email address may keep downloading previously deleted emails to your mail client is that you are using POP3 with the option

How can I find a specific message in my Orcon webmail?

There are two ways that you can find certain messages in your inbox or other folders, which are the Filter and Search functions, located to the top right