How can I bulk delete emails in webmail?

If you have been spammed and would like to remove a large amount of emails the easiest way to do this is to create a new folder where you put everything you would either like to delete or keep and do a bulk delete of the rest.

  1. Click the cog on the left hand side (as shown below) and choose manage folders.
  2. Create a new folder to place any emails you would like to keep on the webmail by clicking the plus symbol in the bottom left.
  3. Give the folder a name and click save.
  4. The Mail box should be selected to view by default – this is shown by a tick
  5. Once complete you will need to click the Mail button in the top right.  
  6. Move any emails you wish to keep to the new folder.
  7. Once all emails you would like to keep are moved ensure you are in the inbox with the emails to delete and select manage folder again.
  8. Highlight the inbox where the emails are to be emptied from.
  9. Click on the Cog and choose Empty* which will move these emails to trash.  The trash folder is deleted permanently every 90 days.
  10. Click OK

*NB If you select delete instead of empty it will delete any emails in the Inbox and delete the inbox itself – we will not be able to retrieve these emails.