Internet Essentials

The lights that indicate your connection status should as a rule be green or blue. If you see orange and/or red lights there could be a connection problem
A speed test is a good way to measure your broadband performance. These should be done through a PC connected to the modem with the wireless disabled. It
Our DNS Servers are: IPv4 address: Preferred DNS Server: Alternate DNS Server: IPv6 address: Preferred DNS Server: 2404:4400::1
A factory reset restores all the settings and information in your modem back its original state. This is useful if you can't remember the login
It’s one of the most commonly asked questions we get. In the shortest terms, we’ll give you the fastest broadband service possible at your
Here are the downloadable guides for our Orcon modems. If your modem type isn't listed, we suggest trying a Google search for the modem model name to
PLEASE NOTE THESE INSTRUCTIONS DO NOT APPLY TO ORCON GENIUS CUSTOMERS If you have changed your Orcon password, conducted a factory reset of your modem or
Changing the name (SSID) of your wireless network is an important part of keeping your wireless network secure and usable. Having a recognizable name will
Resetting or rebooting your modem can help straighten out a whole range of problems your modem might be having. Be careful not to get the terms Factory
1. Confirming that your computer equipment is functioning properly is the first thing to check off the list. Check your modem lights to see if
Here you can find the answers to the most common questions about Static IPs. What is a Static IP? Do I have one? A Static IP is a fixed IP address that is
All of our residential broadband connections are assigned with dynamic IP addresses by default. We do this so we can make efficient use of the IP
The quality of your broadband connection is affected by a number of factors both inside and outside your home. Here are some steps to take to assist
If you can't remember the password to enter your modem's interface, first try the default username and password "admin" in both fields.
Internet speeds describe the rate at which data, little packets of information, are transferred from one location to another. Download speeds represent
Interleaving is basically a way to arrange data to protect against burst errors, which happen rarely but can disrupt data transmission when they do occur.
During a factory reset the lights on your modem will flash and ALL settings will be cleared from your modem, including: Usernames and passwords, WiFi name
Hi there! There’s lots of useful stuff you can do online – here’s a quick overview:   How to check your bill/usage: To check
There’s a range of nasties out there and we want to make sure our customers stay safe online. Orcon have our own product called Family Filter to