If you're an Orcon customer using a traditional home phone line, the steps included in this guide will be able to help if you're experiencing
A factory reset restores all the settings and information in your modem back its original state. This is useful if you can't remember the login
ORCON @HOME PHONE LINEIf you’ve got a normal home phone line with Orcon @Home, then you can just plug your phone into a normal jackpoint. Make sure
To set up Orcon voicemail, dial 789 and follow the instructions. You need to know your voicemail PIN, which you selected during sign up. If you can't
Sometimes a hiccup may occur when using an Orcon Genius home phone line, but these hiccups can usually be resolved by following a few simple
Orcon Genius is a super smart home phone service that runs via your broadband modem over the internet. It's easy to use, future proofed, and
Checking your Orcon voicemail from another phone such as a mobile or from overseas is easy, just follow these instructions: Dial 09 550 0789, or 0064 9 550
Important: all calls that are forwarded incur call charges in the same way as if you had made an outbound phonecall to the number being forwarded to. E.g.
You can fill out a call investigation form here, or if you don't have a mail client installed click here. Serious or Threatening Calls: If you have
If you've having problems with your broadband or phone connection, it's important to try an isolation test. Devices that you have plugged into
In order to dial a number in another country you'll need to know that countries calling code.  Please also note that you'll need to dial 00 (
For an additional $3 per month, wiring and maintenance insurance is an optional service feature available on all Orcon ADSL, VDSL and Fibre plans. It
If a fault technician is called out and finds that there is no fault on the line then you will be charged a No Fault Found fee of $130    If the
These instructions only apply to customers that have Genius Full (modem+handset). Follow the instructions below if you want to register your new Genius
Call Waiting allows you to answer a second call if you are already on the phone. Call Waiting works on all touch-tone phones. When you are on the phone
You can use all web-based VoIP service (like Skype, or gaming console VoIP services) as you would on any normal broadband line, but these will count
We'll do our best to move your current number with you. If we can't, you'll have a whole range of numbers to choose from.  
Because your phone calls will go over the internet, all phones in your house need to be directed through the modem. This means any other jackpoint in the
We think Orcon Genius is as simple as it gets. Just follow the instructions that come with the modem. Plug the cables into the right places, flick the
If you've already got a home phone that you'd like to keep using, then you're fine to just plug it in and you're away. You just plug your
You will have selected a voicemail PIN during the sign-up process. But, if you have forgotten it, no worries, log into My Orcon, select "
Sorry no, you’ll need an Orcon Genius White or Orcon Genius Black modem in order for this service to work. If you don't currently have one, we
Call Waiting: When you are on the phone and someone else calls you will hear four short beeps on the line. You can then switch between the calls by
When you've signed up for your shiny new Orcon Genius service, you’ll get an email from us telling you the day your service will be activated.