To get the best speeds from your fibre here are a couple of rules you can follow: To get the BEST speed on fibre you should plug directly into the Orcon
Why get fibre? Anyone who wants great, reliable, future-proofed broadband should be jumping on the fibre bandwagon. Fibre isn’t just about getting
For an additional $3 per month, wiring and maintenance insurance is an optional service feature available on all Orcon ADSL, VDSL and Fibre plans. It
Fibre refers to fibre optic technology – the way in which an internet connection is established, using light instead of electricity to carry signal.
Your internet speed will vary on UFB, just as it did on ADSL. Sometimes it will rip along, other times it will go slower. This is the nature of the
While WiFi is super convenient, this convenience does have a trade-off. Wireless is not as reliable as a cabled connection to your modem. Wireless speeds
If a fault technician is called out and finds that there is no fault on the line then you will be charged a No Fault Found fee of $130    If the
With fibre, your homeline goes over the internet. Just plug your standard home phone into your new modem and get calling!